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The most important show in North America for water treatment opened on October 15 in San Diego

Varisco SolidNews

The first number of Varisco SolidNews has been published with news of the company's 75th anniversary

Work begins on the Varisco China factory

The construction site for the new Varisco China assembly facility in Tianjin is now in full operation.

P.Iva 00209080282
Zona Industriale Nord
Terza Strada, 9

Fax +39 049 8076762

Tianjin Office
Tel. 0086 22 86880500
Mobile. 0086 15900364197

Friday, September 28, 2007


Varisco USA will be exhibiting at WEFTEC 2007 at San Diego (CA) from October 15-17. Come and see us at Booth 1449 in the San Diego Convention Center.

Varisco作为在世界上可信赖的泵产品公司,在很多应用困难的领域已经成为家喻户晓的品牌。它诞生于一个家族公司, 随着市场的发展,现在已成长为一个国际性的集团公司。对机械设备更新换代的投资使得在Padova的工厂已成为这个领域中的佼佼者。







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